Who we are

Chainjee is a leading qualitative research company founded by a group of socio-cultural anthropologists and data scientists in Korea. Today, qualitative research is widely adopted to find practical solutions for the sustainable growth as well as immediate needs of a business. Despite its worth and demand, the size of professional qualitative research is rather small in the research world. The main reason is that developing the expertise for qualitative research requires many years of training and experience.

The strength of Chainjee is nothing less than our people who have more than 20 years of qualitative research experience in diverse fields. We are also developing mixed research methods that combine qualitative methods with data science to verify and enhance interpretation of big data, which alone may lack credibility.

Our team’s rich research experience and innovative methods provide valuable insights that will help build optimal business strategies based on consumer culture and market trend research throughout Korea and overseas.


Our name Chainjee (채인지, 採人智) means “gathering knowledge and wisdom from people.” The name is derived from three Sino–Korean characters read as: “chae(採)”, “in(人)”, and “jee(智)”. Chae means “gathering”, in means “people”, and jee means “knowledge, intelligence, or wisdom”. We believe data, knowledge, and ideas derive from people. Thus, our company name, Chainjee, signifies that we know how to use the chain of human knowledge to draw information and solve problems.

Our Vision and Values

“A Leading Research and Consulting Firm”

“The Hub for Qualitative and Mixed Research in Korea”

Our Values

  • We believe in the power of collective intelligence in finding a better idea.
  • We promote systematic, efficient, rigorous, and innovative approaches in qualitative and mixed researches.
  • We try to integrate our knowledge and research capabilities with technology to solve real issues in business and the society.
  • We develop optimal research strategies to provide high-quality and cost-effective services to our clients.
  • We do our best to keep the information and knowledge provided by our informants secured from being misused or distorted.

Our Services

  • Market Research
    • User Experience (UX) Research
    • Products and Consumer Life Research
  • Academic Research
    • Qualitative Research and Evaluation, Local Cultures and Tourism
    • Social Issues: multiculturalism, Public Health, Social Welfare
  • Social Research
    • Public Opinion Analysis, Public Policy Making and Evaluation
    • Regional Development and Innovation
  • Overseas Research
    • Culture and Marketing, Tourism
    • Now Available: China, Japan, Viet Nam, Indonesia, New Zealand, India, U.S.A.
  • Qualitative Research Workshop
    • Qualitative Research Methods
    • Data Analysis using QDAS

Contact Us

Address: 210 Tongil-ro 272, Jongro-gu, Seoul 03030, S. Korea

TEL: +82 2 2273 1288

Email: contact@chainjee.com